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Divorces encompass much more than legally ending a marriage. Children and parents need certainty as to where the children will live and which parent the children will stay with on weekends, vacations, holidays, and during the week. How much child support is needed, including medical insurance and college expenses, should be addressed. Divorcing spouses need to equitably divide their property. In some cases, spousal support or alimony may be ordered. A fair settlement requires full disclosure and proper evaluation of all the marital property and the income of each spouse.

Divorce Mediation Associates, Ltd. is a team of multi-disciplinary professionals who help guide families through the divorce process. Our family law mediators are non-biased professionals who understand the short-term and long-term needs of every family member. We work to foster agreements that can help everyone understand their roles.

Our professional team

Divorce Mediation Associates, Ltd. has extensive experience mediating and litigating divorces throughout Virginia. We strive to understand the emotional needs, anxieties, frustrations, and anger of each spouse and child and to level the financial playing field so the spouses and children can make an honest assessment of their needs and desires. Our professionals have experience with many of the things that can go wrong after the divorce, so we work hard to avoid those complications from occurring. To achieve a fair and comfortable solution, our team includes the following types of professionals:

  • Attorneys. While we cannot get you and your spouse divorced and we are not practicing law, we can help you resolve the issues which arise between you as a result of your marriage, and help you create a customized agreement to bring to your independent attorneys. This will allow you to seek a quicker and simpler uncontested divorce, incorporating your agreement – not a judge’s indiscriminate ruling. If you wish you can also then get a divorce without the use of attorneys, having resolved all of the legal issues arising from your marriage.
  • Mental health professionals. Virginia mental health professionals understand the resources that are available at the local and state level, such as housing, financial assistance, daycare, and independent counseling. Our mental health professionals are attuned to the needs of families in resolving parenting plans that will work for you.  A referral to an appropriate independent therapist may be recommended if there is an underlying issue which requires additional attention.

When needed, our divorce mediators may also bring in other professionals, to ensure that both parties’ needs are being met. For example, when appropriate we will seek the assistance of financial professional’s help to value pension plans, small businesses, stock interests, homes and mortgages, and a range of other assets as well as to make suggestions to maximize the financial and economic value to the parties.

Each team member has been chosen because of their education, experience, compassion, expertise, and ability to provide suggestions and solutions. 

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At Divorce Mediation Associates, Ltd., we expect everyone to work together. Our team works with both spouses and children to help the family come to an understanding that every family member can appreciate and, most importantly, honor. The goal of our divorce mediation team is to give the family information and guidance rather than recommendations and opinions. To learn more about how divorce mediation works, and how it may benefit you and your family, please call us at 703-665-7592 or complete our contact form. The initial consultation takes place with both spouses present, and we will discuss with both of you how the process works, to see if it’s the best way forward for you.


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