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A more creative and personalized approach to divorce than traditional litigation

Mediation – whether in divorce or family law, or in the business world – is about finding a peaceful solution to a problem. At Divorce Mediation Associates, Ltd. we are able to offer innovative, customizable solutions for couples seeking a divorce. Our team of divorce mediation professionals is able to use our experience in several key ways. We are able to help couples express their concerns about the divorce, both the positives and the negatives, because we foster open and honest communication. We work with professionals who can counsel clients on emotional and financial issues as well as issues involving children, if and when it is applicable. We can craft agreements that judges could not or would not consider, which address a wide array of contingencies and details so spouses understand the agreement and don’t have to litigate changes in court.

Examples and anecdotes

Our divorce mediators have litigated divorce cases. We know that a typical divorce in Northern Virginia, with discovery and some modest disagreements, can easily run $50,000 per party. If there is major fighting, fees of more than $100,000 are common. The truth is, once divorce attorneys are involved – especially if the divorce is contentious – the legal costs can quickly spiral out of control.

Often the mediators will assist the parties in determining or finding additional value to be added to the process. For example:

In one case, the husband ran a business the parties owned. After a session or two, they realized that a small part of the business could be broken off into a separate business. The wife, who had been a stay-at-home mom, ran the separate business with the husband’s help for three years. During those years, the husband paid the wife support. After three years, the wife was able to begin earning income from the business. Two years later, during which time the husband paid a reduced support, the wife was able to earn a full income from the business. The net result after five years was that the husband was able to stop support payments and the wife was able to have control over her own destiny. We discovered years later that, though the husband had remarried, the former spouses were friends who got along. The Court could not and would not have done this.

Experiences like the one above have taught our team of divorce mediators which questions to ask to help generate an open discussion. For example, we often ask the spouses to explain why they are getting divorced, even though they don’t need a specific reason. We also ask where the spouses want to be in five years, how they want their lives to move forward, and what they each want from this settlement.

Learn how our divorce mediators how mediation help Northern Virginia families move forward

Every person’s needs are different when it comes to divorce. At Divorce Mediation Associates, Ltd, we create innovative solutions to your problems that work with your circumstances. To schedule an appointment with a member of our divorce mediation team please contact us at 703-665-7592 or complete our contact form. At the initial consultation with you and your spouse, we can explain to you how the process works, and the benefits it can provide to you, your spouse and your children, now and in the future.


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