Divorce Mediation Associates, Ltd is a mediation firm consisting of professionals, lawyers and mental health therapists who have been trained in mediation but it is not a law firm, nor does it provide therapy. We do not practice law. All of our mediators are licensed attorneys and/or mental health professionals who have had mediation training and experience.

We encourage parties try to resolve their differences, such that they can save their marriage, and encourage them to get marital counseling. However, in the event they cannot save their marriage, or that it is not realistic in their circumstances to save their marriage, we can assist parties in forging workable agreements and solutions which resolve the issues which normally need to be resolved in a divorce. Since we represent both parties in the mediation and we are not practicing law, we cannot get parties divorced, but we hope to help them resolve their financial issues, support issues, retirement issues, and custody, visitation and parenting plans.

Our lawyers, acting as mediators, cannot give you legal advice; we can give legal information. We encourage parties to consult with an independent lawyer before signing any agreement between them to make sure they are entering into the agreement with all of the knowledge they should have. We also encourage the parties to obtain counseling from a qualified mental health professional if they are having problems adjusting to the separation and divorce, and we also encourage the parties to seek mental health counseling for their children when appropriate.


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