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Virginia Divorce Mediation Benefits Couples with Valuable Assets

Virginia Divorce Mediation Benefits Couples with Valuable Assets

When financially successful people are seeking a divorce, highly valuable assets should be treated like the livelihood makers they are. Mediation, therefore, is the most prudent alternative to a litigious divorce process. Virginia divorces mandate equitable division of large bank and investment accounts, high net-worth homes, flourishing asset-rich businesses, and other substantial assets. This division will be a factor in determining any required child support and alimony payments.

Should you opt for divorce litigation, each party will likely spend precious resources to simply determine asset ownership and valuation. In addition to the time spent, and often-exorbitant fees, disputes over which assets are marital property or fair division decisions can increase the legal fees of both sides exponentially.

Divorce Mediation Associates, Ltd. has crafted an alternative to litigation that is much preferred by all parties, especially in high-value, high-asset divorces. Our divorce mediators strive to assist families in working toward a common goal of maximizing income, especially over time, providing for children, and deciding an equitable distribution of assets. This will create an environment in which all parties are financially, emotionally, and otherwise more secure.

One of the tenets of a successful mediation is both parties providing full disclosure — whereas in litigious divorces, one or more parties could be attempting to conceal marital assets. Our divorce mediation specialists review the value of all disclosed assets, sometimes with the guidance of financial professionals. Prior to any distribution considerations, your mediator will review any standing prenuptial agreements with both spouses. This aids in delineating which assets are priority assets and for whom, including when there is a business that ought to be kept in its status quo position — that is, continuing to operate under the spouse or other shareholders who are overtly involved in day-to-day operations.

Considerations for mediation involving substantial assets

Mediation has many advantages over litigation other than simply saving on legal fees. Some elements of a successful high-value, high-asset Northern Virginia divorce mediation are:

  • Privacy. Litigation is open to the public, including relatives, neighbors, and the media. Most people who are dividing high-value assets are not keen on sharing this private information and are focused on security. Our mediation process affords you that right.

  • Customization. Instead of fighting an adversarial battle, we work with you to pursue common goals. Our team of professionals is multidisciplinary, and we are equipped to entertain a wide range of options, including asset trade-offs, maximizing tax benefits, creating trusts or life estates, and other permutations in high-asset divorces. Our mediators provide guidance for the couples themselves to create their own solutions, as you are much more aware of your needs and desires than anyone in a courtroom.

  • Divorce litigation can be unpleasant, and can drag on for months upon months. When litigation is underway, assets are not being utilized or realized to their full potential, thereby denying each spouse the benefits of those assets. Divorce Mediation Associates, Ltd. works hard to create workable solutions in an efficient way.

If you want to feel in control of your divorce and division of assets, Divorce Mediation Associates, Ltd. can help. We want to assist you in reaching stable, lasting agreements. Our experienced and conscientious divorce mediators guide you through the mediation process, allowing you to retain control and work toward a common goal of an equitable divorce. This will save money, energy, and time, and you and your spouse — not the Court — will control how the assets are divided. Please contact us for answers to your questions and to learn how divorce mediation can benefit you and your spouse. We can be reached at 703-665-7592 or through our contact form.