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Mediation: An Intelligent Way to Divorce

Mediation: An Intelligent Way to Divorce

If you are seeking a divorce in Virginia, you have several options about how to conduct your divorce proceedings. There are uncontested divorces, which in Virginia require a written Separation Agreement. More common, however, are contested divorces, and these end up in court. While we cannot get you divorced, we can assist you in arriving at a fair agreement which resolves all of the issues arising between you as a result of your marriage, and provide you with a marital settlement agreement you can use to simply obtain an uncontested divorce.

Divorce is not a pleasant time for most people, but the antagonism and intent to hurt the other party through legal strategy or divorce demands is counterproductive and only prolongs the divorce proceedings. Divorce mediation is an option that empowers individuals to feel respected and heard, and facilitates compromise and workable solutions from and for both parties and their children. When you participate in mediation at Divorce Mediation Associates, you are choosing an efficient, intelligent way of resolving the issues between you which arise as a result of your marriage.

What to expect during mediation proceedings

Some of the things you will encounter in a helpful divorce mediation with Divorce Mediation Associates include:

  • An impartial mediator. Mediators can only do their jobs if they remain impartial and neutral. A trained mediator knows how to navigate potentially difficult and, often times, emotional situations with neutrality and rationality. Your mediator cannot reveal information without your knowledge or consent.

  • An expectation of honesty and full disclosure. You will work with a mediator, a mediation attorney, a mental health expert and potentially a financial planner or accountant. Depending on what your needs are at the time of your divorce mediation, you will be assisted in finding the proper resources. You will be expected to be fully honest and open during these proceedings. It is the best way to ensure you are protected and represented correctly in resolving the issues between you in a sensible manner which is in the interest of both of you and your children.

  • Lower fees. Divorces are notoriously expensive because divorce court proceedings can be tedious and often complicated. Mediation is markedly cheaper than both parties hiring competing divorce lawyers, and there is rarely a need to enter into a contentious courtroom situation. Instead of spending money attacking your spouse and posturing for advantage you will work together to find solutions and add value to an otherwise difficult situation.

  • Respect and consideration. We listen to you, provide you with legal information, and help you create a compromise which work for both parties. While not every couple can successfully mediate, many can if they are willing to give it a try. If mediation does not work for you, it still may help you understand the needs and desires of your spouse and children and may resolve some issues or provide the basis for a settlement later. Also, through the course of mediation you will learn healthier communication skills as you parent in different homes. In most cases, cooler heads prevail; a good mediator will treat you with respect and consideration at all times.

  • Mediation is much more efficient and peaceful that an antagonistic divorce. Both parties can quickly realize their true needs through mediation.

  • A feeling of control. You are in control of your decisions and choices at all times during your mediation. Both parties should feel this way, and our mediators remain impartial in order to facilitate a sensible agreement which meets the needs of your family.

Trusted mediators are the intelligent choice for your divorce

Divorce can be a difficult time for many, and there is no need to create a higher-tension situation than the facts of the divorce itself. At Divorce Mediation Associates, Ltd., our family law mediators know how to facilitate a safe, respectful, and efficient environment. We value mediation over litigation because it can provide a measure of peace and stability that creates workable solutions for everyone involved. If you have any questions, or to schedule an appointment to learn about the services we provide, please call 703-665-7592, or use our contact form.