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Local Virginia Woman in Complicated Divorce Finds an Uplifting Way to Cope

Local Virginia Woman in Complicated Divorce Finds an Uplifting Way to Cope

Divorce can be a lengthy process, and it is often a complicated undertaking. But what happens when you are not even sure if you were married in the first place? A local woman dealing with just this issue has found an irreverent way to cope with the stresses of divorce.

Debbie MacDougall of McLean, Virginia has spent the better part of a decade trying to obtain a divorce. As it turns out, due to an unfortunate technicality with her marriage license, she may not ever have been married in the first place. The Virginia Supreme Court will hear her case later this year. To cope with this uncertainty, she has penned an adult coloring book that seeks to bring levity to the difficulties of divorce. Laced with humor and a bit of snark, each page urges divorcees to let go of regret and bitterness and embrace their future bliss. The coloring book also adeptly aims to acknowledge that getting divorced is lonely at times.

Complicated feelings during divorce are normal

In the throes of splitting up your marriage, it is only natural to feel sad and lonely. Divorce is a loss, and can take grieving to overcome. What better reason to have a glass of wine, pull out your crayons or colored pencils, and add some flair to your divorce-themed coloring book?

That is exactly what the author intended — for people experiencing the complications of divorce to persevere by having a laugh. The creative process can often help take the edge off of negative feelings and intense emotions inherent in divorcing. MacDougall has hit on something universal. Laughter and creative release do help during tough times.

Another way to face your feelings is to maintain at least a modicum of control over your fate, and divorce mediation seeks to do just that. Seeking a divorce can take the wind out of your sails, yet remaining in a failing marriage is never ideal. It is impossible to change the past, but you can certainly control your present and future.  Divorce Mediation Associates, Ltd. assists couples in working through their split, and ensuring that these deliberations happen in a civil atmosphere. Respect for yourself and each other will go a long way toward a successful mediation. Trained mediators can assist couples to communicate so that they can reach an  agreement which  benefits both of them and allows them to  control  their future. If you want to feel like you can come out of your divorce with a positive spin on life and a good plan going forward, mediation is the right path for you. And if all else fails, grab a coloring book.

At Divorce Mediation Associates, Ltd., our team can expertly assist your split in a positive atmosphere that balances the needs of both sides. We encourage solutions rooted in stability and mutual respect, and we leave the divorce lawyers out of the room. Please contact us for answers to your questions, and to learn how divorce mediation might be the right choice for you and your family. Call us at 703-665-7592, or contact us through our contact form.