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Divorce Mediation Associates, Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary divorce mediation firm based in Reston, Virginia founded in 2016 by attorney Steven M. Garver and Dr. Patrice Garver.

Mr. Garver started working in divorce mediation because he saw family law litigation wasn’t providing couples and families with solutions that worked for either the spouses or the children, and has pursued the work since 1979. He began pursing mediation because he appreciated that spouses reach better and more satisfying solutions if they reach an agreement on their own, and he saw how often the divorce process ended up in contested court proceedings. The adversarial posturing that takes place in traditional representation was detrimental to the future of the family members, and their continued relationship with each other and the parties children. No matter how much a judge may care and try, he/she will not know your family and its needs as well as you will.


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It is our strong professional backgrounds and our willingness to work through the tough problems that has enabled Divorce Mediation Associates, Ltd. to help couples make a relatively smooth transition from living together to living apart.

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What sets us apart from traditional divorce lawyers?

Many potential clients wonder what makes our mediation services different from others. When you turn to Divorce Mediation Associates, Ltd., you get the benefit of:

A skilled team working with you. 

We enlist the assistance of many other professionals working in multiple disciplines. Attorneys and mental health professionals work together, to help the couple resolve their legal, financial, family and emotional differences. Our divorce mediators may also work with financial consultants, such as CPAs or financial planners, to fully determine what assets each spouse has, what income they earn, and what the debt obligations are, and help find financial solutions. These neutral advisers and the mediator(s) help clients see the “big picture” about their circumstances, so that we can find resolutions which benefit both parties.

Manageable goals for you and your spouse. 

  • The aims of mediation are:

    • Give the spouses control over the final decisions on equitable distribution, child custody, visitation, parenting plans, child support, alimony, and any other marital issues.

    • Protect children from the emotional trauma of an adversarial process.

    • Provide a level of detail and a quality of solutions that result in amicable and fair agreements that work for the entire family.

    • Craft personalized agreements that address your specific needs, and the specific needs of your family, so that you can avoid having a plan imposed on you by the court.

    • Enable parents and children to communicate on their own and to respect and value each other’s life choices.

Our method of weekly confidential mediation sessions works. Spouses who talk to each other honestly and candidly can find solutions that last.


Divorce Mediation Associates, Ltd. is different from other divorce alternatives in that the divorce lawyers are not active participants in the process. The lawyers can advise their clients and review any agreements, but they do not normally participate in the mediation sessions — they’re not in the room or on call. Our divorce mediators have developed a process that focuses on the ability of spouses to reach their own decisions on property division, custody, child support, alimony, and all divorce issues instead of leaving them to chance.


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Our divorce mediation is different than litigation or collaborative divorce. At Divorce Mediation Associates, Ltd., we have crafted a technique based on the decades of experience of our moderators and professionals. We understand the anxieties of divorce, the legal issues that need to be resolved, and the best ways to get couples to communicate. To discuss your divorce so you, your children, and your ex-spouse can lead productive, happy lives, please call us at 703-665-7592 to speak with a divorce mediator or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment. We will meet with both parties during the initial consultation to discuss the process of divorce mediation and your needs.