The Importance of Compromise in Your Parenting Plan

The Importance of Compromise in Your Parenting Plan

The Importance of Compromise in Your Parenting Plan Mediation can be a key component for creating a working parenting plan for your family. When you are dissolving your marriage, you are bound to undergo some difficult times, but you can reframe this to be a process of learning what matters most. Especially for those who are impacted socially, emotionally, and financially by divorce, it can be easy to feel like the time to demand – and to get – everything you want. But if you have children with your spouse, compromise will be a key component of an amicable and workable divorce. Good parenting involves compromise, perhaps even more now at a time of change and transition for your children.

Establishing a parenting plan is necessary within any mediation process. Compromise in developing a parenting plan allows you to find workable alternatives for child custody, relocation, access schedule (visitation), and other important matters. Instead of litigious court battles, where a judge, who is a stranger decides your family’s fate, mediation creates workable solutions for the best interests of your children and entire family.

Compromise makes a difference in your family’s quality of life

Having minor children and knowing, that your spouse will want to share in custody and parental decision-making means that you should be open to compromise for the best interest of your children. Mediation can help you create a workable and flexible plan as your family redefines itself. During this time compromise is as important as it was during the marriage. Here are some reasons compromise matters:

  • Your kids are watching. Children are sponges. They are keenly aware of attitudes and events, and you should model good behavior and respect. They see what you do, good and bad.
  • Stability is more important than being right. Even if you are morally in the right, the best interest of your children should come first.
  • Your children deserve the best. Sometimes that means compromising in other areas.

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